Just Fashion

This word called “Fashion” how well do you understand it?
Today what we copy from others is what we all deam as fashion. Our celebrity crash has become the spectacular projector that our wardrobe mimics. We are loosing sight of some basic elements of fashion. It true that fashion means a style that is popular at a particular time especially in clothes, hair, makeup and the likes. Fashion may be very attractive but might not be suit everyone. We ought not forget that we are different as individuals, so any fashion trend that we want to partake in we must hem it to fit us best and not just involve in it for the fun of it.
We love fashion statements like: “Every mistake is a new style”, come to think of it how can what is wrong at a time when it was to be right cannot be so much glamoured. To ladies, too much exposure of flesh(body part: breast, navel, waist, tigh,etc) is not what we call fashion. Some fashion trends in some continents is suitable but will not be appropriate at that same time for another. Exposure of the flesh is not an option in winter, no one dares tell you.
Misconception is in our hand and we all are pulling the trigger and flooding the fashion industry with our dead thought on the subject.

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